Server update, 2011-10-10

With the summit arrangements this release has become delayed, but we’re happy to announce that we have just finished releasing this version (live from the summit!). Here’s what’s been fixed in this release:


  • [MBS-1868] – Historic move disc id appears oddly
  • [MBS-2001] – Some AddReleaseLabel edits have no entity_id
  • [MBS-2196] – Can’t delete unused relationship type
  • [MBS-2429] – External links don’t appear for URLs
  • [MBS-2467] – RE: Add Missing Entities problems with caps
  • [MBS-2539] – Inline tag edit : forbidden characters are not removed form the edit box
  • [MBS-2682] – [ws/1] track-list offset is incorrect
  • [MBS-2699] – Merging works always add titles of merged works as aliases of target work
  • [MBS-2938] – Cannot import/seed 99-track releases from FreeDB
  • [MBS-3034] – Immediately remove PUID
  • [MBS-3070] – Release editor cannot be seeded with >99 for array-like elements
  • [MBS-3223] – Work relationships not available in web service recording requests
  • [MBS-3336] – NGS /ws/1 doesn’t include some relationships
  • [MBS-3350] – ws/2 browsing release by track artist
  • [MBS-3372] – Add relationship not linking to the URL entity
  • [MBS-3442] – WS/2: Can’t browse work by artist (ws/2/work?artist=MBID)
  • [MBS-3456] – Selecting recording from search results in work "Relate to…" doesn’t close results
  • [MBS-3463] – Remove ISRC edits are not shown pending on recording page
  • [MBS-3477] – Crash when trying to edit a release to create a new release group
  • [MBS-3483] – Release editor > Importing a Various Artists CDStub doesn’t import track artists
  • [MBS-3509] – Change release group via release editor doesn’t show up in edit history / open edits of target release group
  • [MBS-3523] – Entity not being selected for relationship
  • [MBS-3528] – Internal Server Error – Couldn’t render template "undef error – Can’t call method "value" on an undefined value at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1/HTML/FormHandler/ line 89. "
  • [MBS-3564] – Cover arts from are not diplayed
  • [MBS-3570] – change direction not working when no relationship type was selected first.
  • [MBS-3573] – Got Internal Server Error while updating info for ‘Mob Hits [Disc 2]’
  • [MBS-3577] – Release editor converts unicode characters to HTML quotations
  • [MBS-3584] – is not recognized as ASIN in "Add URL Reference"
  • [MBS-3591] – Finding some labels in AJAX search is impossible
  • [MBS-3592] – Artist aliases have extremely low priority when doing a simple search
  • [MBS-3622] – Internal Server Error during import of freedb release that cannot be found
  • [MBS-3623] – Edit relationship fails with internal error when attempting to move credits between recordings
  • [MBS-3625] – The FreeDB page throws an exception if you try and view it when the disc doesn’t exist


  • [MBS-962] – Allow more characters in tags
  • [MBS-2276] – Report: released before 1982 but has DiscID attached or CD medium
  • [MBS-3234] – Report: deprecated use of "(feat."
  • [MBS-3295] – Report: releases with an ASIN as catalogue number
  • [MBS-3382] – Report: releases with only some mediums with format
  • [MBS-3582] – Amazon-Links should state country like Wikipedia links do
  • [MBS-3620] – Improve the search results for autocompleted editor searches

New Feature

  • [MBS-3363] – Report: same ASINs attached to multiple releases
  • [MBS-3364] – Report: Discogs pages attached to multiple releases


  • [MBS-3315] – Add the ‘Possibly duplicate artists’ report
  • [MBS-3316] – Add the ‘Release Groups that might need to be merged’ report
  • [MBS-3317] – Add the ‘Releases with duplicated or missing track numbers’ report
  • [MBS-3318] – Add the ‘Releases with superfluous data tracks’ report
  • [MBS-3319] – Add the ‘Tracks whose names include their sequence numbers’ report

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