Google Hangout coverage for our Summit

The MusicBrainz summit is going to get started later today and we’re going to have a Google Hangout as our low-budget webcasting solution. You should friend musicbrainz.summit at gmail dot com in Google Plus and then join our Hangout to join in our conversation.

See you online later tonight!

UPDATE: We failed to get the hang out started today. We’ll start our hang-our tomorrow morning at 10am Rotterdam time.

6 thoughts on “Google Hangout coverage for our Summit”

  1. Actually here is how I managed : pressed next on each page of the google+ creation then went to the circle editor and clicked add a person by e-mail and then this e-mail address eventually worked out.
    Now I don’t know how to see any hangouts as my language is french by default… it seems like it could be this “Vidéo-bulles” button (a multiple people video chat as they say)…

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