The FreeDB gateway has been updated to NGS!

I’m pleased to announce that the FreeDB gateway, which lets you fetch MusicBrainz data via FreeDB enabled applications, has been updated to use the NGS database. As of now, its updating with new data from the main MusicBrainz server and you should be able to look up new CDs.

To use the FreeDB gateway, set the FreeDB server in your application to on port 80. For more information, please take a look at our wiki page for the gateway.

Thanks to Lukas for porting this code to NGS!

One thought on “The FreeDB gateway has been updated to NGS!”

  1. Hi,

    I got the following error:

    “500 Command syntax error: incorrect number of arguments.”

    when I did a Post with the following string:


    The funny thing is, if I use this string in a browser it will correctly return the “Radiohead” album info. I use the same code to Post the same string to and it returned the correct info.

    I know this must be a problem w/ my code, but I am at wits end. Can anyone shed some light on the “incorrect arg” error msg?


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