MusicBrainz Summit 11: Please come join us in Rotterdam!

I wanted to remind people that we’re finally having a summit in October. We’ve rented an apartment in Rotterdam, Netherlands as our venue from 13 October to 18 October. On the afternoon of October 13 and most of October 14 we’re going to have a two day-ish hackathon for hacking on various MusicBrainz related things. On the evening of the 14th we’re going to have a social meet and greet event at the apartment. The summit itself will be held on the 15th and 16th, following an unconference like format where the attendees get to set the agenda. Most people will depart Rotterdam on the evening of the 16th. On Monday the 17th, our final day in the apartment, we’re going to have a day focused on MusicBrainz’ commercial users to discuss issues from a commercial perspective.

If you’re a MusicBrainz hacker/supporter and would like to attend, we’re going to cover lodgings and food for a limited number of people through the generous sponsorship of and MusixMatch. Our budget is not vast, so if you’re interested in attending the event, please sign up on our the summit wiki page. You’ll be responsible for your own transportation to Rotterdam.

Warp, Ollie and myself will be at the apartment the entire time and we’ll be bringing some creature comforts like game consoles and other things to keep ourselves entertained when we’re not discussing or hacking on MusicBrainz.

Please come join us in the Netherlands!

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