NGS Bug fixes, 2011-09-12

Things in MusicBrainz land are finally starting to return to normal, with a succession of holidays all final over and everyone getting back to work. We sadly missed the last release of August entirely, but have combined it with the latest release, which was deployed onto servers yesterday. Here’s what’s changed:


  • [MBS-987] – Database import doesn’t work without editor data
  • [MBS-1543] – Add credits to the images in the release editor
  • [MBS-1670] – UX, Can’t add new artist if an artist is already selected in artist credit
  • [MBS-1977] – ModBot is unable to close some edits
  • [MBS-2030] – Historic "Add release" edits: artist displayed as "[removed]"
  • [MBS-2184] – Indexed inline search find no recording for 夜曲 but there are several
  • [MBS-2498] – Description for failed vote is inaccurate.
  • [MBS-2641] – Release editor doesn’t handle copied artist credits very well
  • [MBS-2710] – merging recordings shouldn’t kill release edits
  • [MBS-2817] – Add Missing Entities not displaying correct search results for many artists
  • [MBS-2823] – Edit closed as failed but was actually accepted
  • [MBS-2829] – Fuzzy CD lookup doesn’t work if you don’t exclude CDStubs
  • [MBS-2902] – When editing release, ".[number]" at end of artist name is parsed as track time.
  • [MBS-2945] – Musicbrainz should report a sensible error when add release fails because of invalid data rather than just ‘Internal Error’
  • [MBS-3066] – Splitting to multiple artists using Credits fields only recognises first artist
  • [MBS-3095] – should redirect to
  • [MBS-3113] – Invalid URLs shouldn’t be accepted
  • [MBS-3147] – Cover art script not working properly
  • [MBS-3209] – Recordings need an equivalent to the tracklist’s ‘add missing entities’
  • [MBS-3224] – Internal Server Error in the release editor after going back in the browser
  • [MBS-3243] – Unable to have a track named "0" in the track list
  • [MBS-3258] – column width in opera too small
  • [MBS-3272] – InitDB can fail if the locale of the machine isn’t set correctly
  • [MBS-3275] – Internal server error when adding a new release
  • [MBS-3280] – ISE on tracklist tab of release editor (?)
  • [MBS-3287] – Looking up an existing release group when adding a release should disable the type field
  • [MBS-3289] – On the Release Information -> Tracklist and Release Information pages the Join phrase is not shown in the Preview
  • [MBS-3297] – A space in track# field in advanced tracklist causes ISE
  • [MBS-3298] – Rendering the timeline eats all my CPU and takes forever
  • [MBS-3301] – Adding tracks to a release fails with "This edit changes recording IDs, but some of the recordings no longer exist."
  • [MBS-3303] – Columns are the wrong width
  • [MBS-3306] – Adjust flags and delete tabs are shown, but don’t work
  • [MBS-3312] – Edits fail because recordings do supposedly not exist anymore but in fact still exist
  • [MBS-3344] – Stop closing edits as "Error"
  • [MBS-3355] – When match track with unknown duration to an existing recoridng it doesnt set the tracktime
  • [MBS-3365] – Entries listed twice on artists work pages
  • [MBS-3366] – "There are not currently any relationship types available between works and recordings." error when trying to link recordings to works
  • [MBS-3369] – Internal Server error on Edit Types documentation
  • [MBS-3378] – Edit label not showing any information
  • [MBS-3380] – Attempt to add duplicate artist via Release Editor causes Internal Server Error
  • [MBS-3400] – Expired merge releases edit not being applied.
  • [MBS-3404] – Move disc ID edit type: incorrect source release


  • [MBS-2188] – "Comment" is confusing people
  • [MBS-2256] – UX, the current artist credit interface does not discourage changing the credit for various artists
  • [MBS-2839] – Artist work list > Better design: don’t split by "categories" (composer, lyricist, …) and indicates artist role for each artist related to work
  • [MBS-2899] – Release editor’s "Release Duplicates" tab does not suggest any releases if the release title has been translated away from the actual title
  • [MBS-3211] – allmusic and secondhandsongs not auto-detected

New Feature

  • [MBS-3261] – Add support for "deleting" user accounts

The tag for this version is v-2011-09-12-ngs-bug-fixes.

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