NGS Bug fixes, 2011-08-22

Here’s what we got fixed in the last week!


  • [MBS-1928] – Missing artist roles in works page
  • [MBS-2035] – Cancelling/rejecting a medium will leave release in an unkown state
  • [MBS-2600] – Spurious "artist credit field is required" errors with recording edits
  • [MBS-2756] – ‘Guess Case’ too aggressive on word ‘Trance’
  • [MBS-2881] – Editing CD Baby URLs behaves weirdly
  • [MBS-2973] – Edit Medium can re-associate recordings behind your back
  • [MBS-2976] – Edit tracklist edit doesn’t link to new recordings
  • [MBS-3002] – Edit search crashes if any arguments are removed
  • [MBS-3009] – View transclusion edit history link is broken
  • [MBS-3012] – Exception trying to submit a decimal rating
  • [MBS-3017] – Edit failed dependency by MotBot for no obvious reason
  • [MBS-3071] – Edit search crashes with no search conditions
  • [MBS-3141] – Can’t select criterias in edit search
  • [MBS-3199] – Changing an artist on a tracklist to an artist with the same (credited) name is an auto-edit
  • [MBS-3213] – When removing tracks from a release, artist credits are erroneously listed as part of the edit
  • [MBS-3214] – ModBot failed dependency because of a non-existing artist but the artist was not edited
  • [MBS-3231] – When entering a CD stub there are no checks for field length
  • [MBS-3244] – Errors submitting data via the web service to
  • [MBS-3245] – 500 Internal Server Error when submitting release ratings via the web service
  • [MBS-3247] – Show recording artist in Remove ISRC edits
  • [MBS-3252] – Internal Server Error in edit search (Artist is in my subscriptions / Status Open)
  • [MBS-3253] – Edit search displays the same edit multiple times
  • [MBS-3254] – Internal Server Error in edit search when "My vote" is unselected
  • [MBS-3256] – Unable to move a disc id between CDs in the same release
  • [MBS-3257] – Searching by TOC fails for mediums which have no format
  • [MBS-3258] – column width in opera too small
  • [MBS-3262] – ws/2 returning invalid xml
  • [MBS-3265] – Webservice not escaping "<<" properly


  • [MBS-2232] – Auto-approve Add Medium and Add Release Label edits for new releases
  • [MBS-2839] – Artist work list > Better design: don’t split by "categories" (composer, lyricist, …) and indicates artist role for each artist related to work

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