NGS bug fixes, 2011-08-15

Mostly another week of bug fixes, with a few improvements. Currently the timeline is experiencing some known problems, we hope to have this fixed by tomorrow, but we didn’t want to hold up this release.


  • [MBS-1231] – Age information for a person looks weird
  • [MBS-1393] – Artist lookup won’t search for 1 char artist names
  • [MBS-1394] – Enable autocomplete for 1 char when the character is cjk
  • [MBS-1409] – RunReports should apply a time limit to each report
  • [MBS-1414] – Preferences -> Regional Settings -> Date/time format has duplicates and wrong timezone
  • [MBS-1483] – tmp-dir option doesn’t work in
  • [MBS-1645] – HTML of the Create Relationship page
  • [MBS-1830] – Failed or cancelled Add URL relationship: make URL a link
  • [MBS-2076] – Add release UI breaks badly when typing anything in Opera
  • [MBS-2220] – Relate to recordings: default type not empty and link cache not cleared
  • [MBS-2292] – Entity not unselected after "Relate to Recordings"
  • [MBS-2326] – Adding new discs to VA releases credits the created recordings to VA by default
  • [MBS-2481] – Drop-down menus sometimes prematurely collapse when mouse is between items on Firefox 4.01/5
  • [MBS-2748] – taglookup – search terms not displayed after "Found x results for"
  • [MBS-2781] – New behavior of "Move CDToc" edit is confusing
  • [MBS-2810] – Performing a Webservice query on /ws/2/release with inc=tags does not include release tags.
  • [MBS-2825] – edit relationship "create_url" doesn’t ignore leading spaces
  • [MBS-2832] – submission form keeps "additional label" info state in weirdly persistent way
  • [MBS-2892] – "see release group" link broken from within edit form
  • [MBS-2907] – "Relate to…" indexed search doesn’t use aliases
  • [MBS-2909] – Recording comment not shown in release editor after picking suggested recording
  • [MBS-2923] – "Guess Case" incorrectly capitalizes letter after apostrophe
  • [MBS-2984] – Crash when changing conditions in edit search
  • [MBS-2992] – Release editor > Recordings tab > Recording length not displayed
  • [MBS-2994] – Edit search forgets filters
  • [MBS-3008] – Artist release list doesn’t show artist credits
  • [MBS-3032] – Guess Case: don’t turn ‘N in’ into N"
  • [MBS-3049] – Label unclickable in add release pages’ "Edit note" tab
  • [MBS-3086] – Adding release: claims release group is "[removed]" and doesn’t link everything
  • [MBS-3091] – FixTrackLength script shouldn’t run if there are pending edits on the disc ID
  • [MBS-3101] – Internal server error when adding a release
  • [MBS-3121] – Can’t cancel "add label" within a release edit sequence
  • [MBS-3127] – Poor label search results in the release editor
  • [MBS-3128] – Sortnames not shown for labels
  • [MBS-3159] – Label tags missing from attributes on the create relationship page
  • [MBS-3175] – Reordering tracks automatically if one is removed in the release editor
  • [MBS-3183] – ISE due to "invalid barcode" during CD Stub submission
  • [MBS-3201] – Release group display is missing pagination links to view releases after the 50th
  • [MBS-3215] – 404 / dead link for previously merged artist in edit note
  • [MBS-3217] – Internal Server Error when in edit search "My vote"
  • [MBS-3218] – Internal Server Error when in edit search "Artist/Label is in my subscriptions"
  • [MBS-3221] – Edit search type + "is not" doesn’t work
  • [MBS-3228] – Changing recordings on a medium is an autoedit for non-autoeditors


  • [MBS-2348] – Editing the artist field and not selecting any entity from the dropdown menu should not keep the old artist selected
  • [MBS-2458] – Timeline graph should have a rate-of-change graph
  • [MBS-3157] – Purpose of Various Artists checkbox is unclear.
  • [MBS-3208] – Trim leading/trailing whitespace in release editor prior to Add Missing Entities check


  • [MBS-2667] – Allow changing sort order

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