MusicBrainz Android app now available in the Android Market

Jamie McDonald has continued his Summer of Code work and has submitted the first version of the MusicBrainz app to the Android Market! If you would like to be able to look up releases by barcode, search for artists and rate/tag data in MusicBrainz, this app is for you:

MusicBrainz App in the Android Market!

I’ve already used this application in a number of social situations where someone wanted to know some music info and I was able to look it up very quickly. Its quite handy! Also, an iPhone version is still in the works.

Thanks very much for your continued work on this project, Jamie!

6 thoughts on “MusicBrainz Android app now available in the Android Market”

  1. Is there any reason why it requires the “read phone state and identity” permission?

  2. El Rico:

    Jamie says: It’s the PayPal library that requires this, presumably to uniquely identify a device.

  3. Nice work. Can you make it work with Google Goggles’ barcode scanner in the future? That would safe me having to install an extra app on my memory-starved Desire.

  4. mfmeulenbelt:

    I don’t think Goggles accepts barcode scan intents at the moment. It would be nice if this was possible in the future though.

  5. Loving being able to lookup releases by barcode! It finally gives a point to all the ones I’ve added. It would be great if the process could be completed by having an option to add to your collection. Then you can scan your releases and add them to a list of those you own.

  6. gnu_andrew:

    Collections support is likely to be one of the next new features. I’m currently re-writing the app’s http service though, so it might be a few weeks.

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