NGS bug fixes, 2011-08-01

Apologies for being a day later than planned, but here’s what we got fixed in the last release.


  • [MBS-1439] – Browse: sortnames not being used to sort
  • [MBS-1738] – Mismatched table row tags in release group (possibly elsewhere?)
  • [MBS-1832] – Editing a URL doesn’t update cover art
  • [MBS-1998] – Changing track case requires voting since now part of "edit medium"
  • [MBS-1999] – Releases having no label are displayed on collection page with label "[removed]"
  • [MBS-2038] – Dummy checkbox in merge recordings UI
  • [MBS-2040] – Adding track times should be an auto-edit
  • [MBS-2193] – "Failed" total on a user page includes edits canceled after NGS
  • [MBS-2297] – No track times after a Disc ID / TOC release add
  • [MBS-2310] – Cover art should show up immediately
  • [MBS-2327] – Removing relationships doesn’t remove cover art
  • [MBS-2344] – New labels are being created with label codes of zero instead of null in the db
  • [MBS-2438] – AR attributes not properly CamelCases in /ws/1
  • [MBS-2440] – Merge interface can be accessed with no items selected
  • [MBS-2468] – "Edit barcodes" edit accept and display dupes
  • [MBS-2487] – Cancelling an add relationship edit doesn’t update cover art
  • [MBS-2741] – Filling an empty IPI code is not an autoedit
  • [MBS-2759] – "Add selected releases for merging" button redirects to Search when no releases are selected
  • [MBS-2789] – "Send Email" doesn’t honour "Send a copy to my own email address" and instead reveals the sender’s email address
  • [MBS-2798] – Migrated move disc ID edits don’t display properly
  • [MBS-2828] – CD lookup through Web service returns a different response with or without ‘cdstubs=no’ when DiscID not known
  • [MBS-2891] – admin/sql/CreateAll.sql needs reordering
  • [MBS-2927] – Merging releases should merge annotations
  • [MBS-2946] – unable to enter URL that includes "http://"
  • [MBS-2997] – Age information should not be shown when the birth date is in the future
  • [MBS-3025] – Server should prevent people from using attributes that don’t apply
  • [MBS-3066] – Splitting to multiple artists using Credits fields only recognises first artist
  • [MBS-3078] – Remove medium can be autoedited
  • [MBS-3093] – Release edit crash (internal server error) when changing release artist credit
  • [MBS-3104] – ws/1 regression: parameter ‘client’ is now required when submitting isrcs
  • [MBS-3143] – ‘cdstubs’ parameter is now required when doing a ws cd lookup


  • [MBS-3015] – ModBot’s "Remove Work" edits should be autoedits.


  • [MBS-2929] – Create a script to fix "ISRC bulk mistake"


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