Picard 0.15.1 released

This is a minor release to correct some bugs that were present in 0.15. Additionally, the Mac OS X build should now run fine on 10.4 (i386) and 10.5. Here’s the changelog:

Version 0.15.1 – 2011-07-31

  • “Other versions” menu now displays release labels and catalog numbers.
  • Added CD-R, 8cm CD to the format mapping.
  • Picard no longer fails to load releases with new or unknown media formats.
  • Threading issues that could occasionally cause Picard to stop loading files have been fixed.
  • Fixed album metadata processor plugins not working (#5960)
  • Fixed loading of standalone recordings (#5961)
  • Fixed requests stopping at midnight (#5963)
  • Stopped using QDateTime for timing requests (for Qt 4.6 compatibility) (#5967)
  • Fixed display of ampersands in the “other versions” menu. (#5969)
  • Fixed use of numerical functions in advanced scripting.

You can download 0.15.1 here.

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