Picard 0.15 released!

The 0.15 stable version was finally released today, with some new features and bug fixes since beta2. There were too many small changes to list, but here’s a partial changelog with the most user-visible ones:

Version 0.15 – 2011-07-17:

  • Added options for using standardized track, release, and artist metadata.
  • Added preferred release format support.
  • Expanded preferred release country support to allow multiple countries.
  • Added support for tagging non-album tracks (standalone recordings).
  • Plugins can now be installed via drag and drop, or a file browser.
  • Added several new tags: %_originaldate%, %_recordingcomment%, and %_releasecomment%
  • Changes to request queuing: added separate high and low priority queues for each host.
  • Tagger scripts now run after metadata plugins finish (#5850)
  • The “compilation” tag can now be $unset or modified via tagger script.
  • Added a shortcut (Ctrl+I) for Edit->Details.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

You can download the new version and report bugs for it 🙂