NGS bug fixes, 2011-07-18

A slow, but steady week at MusicBrainz land – here’s what we got fixed in the last week.


  • [MBS-375] – Create redirect web server config files
  • [MBS-1169] – Musicbrainz NGS Server is missing a hell of a lot of HTML sanitization. (HTML/script injections galore…)
  • [MBS-1443] – Make editor search not only look for an exact match
  • [MBS-1973] – "Cancel relate to …" only appears on entity it was started from
  • [MBS-2054] – View of User ‘Accepted’ edits contains All Edits including Auto-edits
  • [MBS-2126] – Release Editor response times are unacceptable
  • [MBS-2132] – Link to "remove release edit-type" is broken
  • [MBS-2321] – Release editor let you enter invalid barcode
  • [MBS-2509] – Clicking the text "Yes/No/Abstain/None" below the first edit on an edit list page changes the votes for all edits on that page.
  • [MBS-2578] – Strange display of combined format when some mediums have no format set
  • [MBS-2596] – Submitting Puids failed with Error 500
  • [MBS-2820] – URLs with pending edits not highlighted
  • [MBS-2827] – /ws/2/collection can’t return more than 25 releases
  • [MBS-2844] – Changing artist Type to Person resets Gender
  • [MBS-2850] – Duplicated ISRC codes displayed on "Merge recordings" edits
  • [MBS-2852] – MusicBrainz events in timeline sometimes appear in the y-axis labels
  • [MBS-2855] – Geometry URLs for timeline graph are somewhat wrong
  • [MBS-2862] – Edit search results are not sorted
  • [MBS-2869] – Subscriptions email doesn’t include anymore your own edits in the "Subscribed editors" section
  • [MBS-2893] – Puid lookup only returning tracklist offset sometimes
  • [MBS-2952] – Add Release edit needs to display release group and artist of release group it’s being added to.
  • [MBS-3000] – Empty <date/> included for releases with no date
  • [MBS-3011] – Editing of Release Event Date labeled as Name
  • [MBS-3029] – Error on test server


  • [MBS-2853] – MusicBrainz event lines should be thicker
  • [MBS-2854] – MusicBrainz events should change pointer on hover
  • [MBS-2856] – Statistics pages are not styled like the rest of the site

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