NGS bug fixes, 2011-07-05

The wheels of change are slowly starting back up again, now that we have all our employees back 🙂 Here’s what we’ve got done since the last release:


  • [MBS-1849] – Alias locales not included in the XML
  • [MBS-2223] – Length not shown in edit when adding a standalone recording
  • [MBS-2586] – Search results do not show standalone recordings
  • [MBS-2807] – Stack trace requesting /ws/2/collection when user has no collections
  • [MBS-2846] – Internal Server Error on lot of editing histories
  • [MBS-2880] – Error viewing release group/URL
  • [MBS-2882] – Merge recording edit display incorrectly once applied
  • [MBS-2898] – Search indices aren’t updating, haven’t updated in over 20 hours


  • [MBS-777] – Make cancelling take effect sooner
  • [MBS-1508] – Should release browse request allow inc=recordings
  • [MBS-2767] – Release-group XML result should include first release date

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