Addressing user interface issues in NGS

Now that we’re slowly emerging from the critical bug fix phase in NGS, its time to make a plan of attack for how to address the most pressing issues that we need to clean up. The NGS user interface clearly requires a lot of work still; no one will argue that. The user interface was the hardest part about NGS — when we first started we had no idea how to make these things work. But, we got them to work and the team deserves a round of applause for that!

Now it time to get organized for future releases and we could use a bit of your help here. We’ve been doing daily hot fix releases and are now doing weekly releases. Once we’re done fixing critical issues we’re going to slow the schedule down to roughly monthly releases. In the future our releases will be a mix of bug fixes, UI improvements and new features. Nothing in NGS is in a state where “we have to live with it for a long time”.

If you don’t like some aspects of the NGS user interface, please head over to this UI ticket report in our bug tracker and see if we’ve already have a ticket for your pet issue. If we do have a ticket for your favorite issue, please vote on it to express your interest in having this ticket fixed.

We’re going to start working on the tickets that receive the most number of votes and work our way down. We’re going to engage our UX designer for more help to clean up the NGS user interface and to address all of these pesky problems that are plaguing our users.

But, please cut our developers some slack. If you don’t have anything constructive to say, vote on the tickets and sit tight. We know there are lots of issues and we’ve already fixed a pile of them, but we’re not going to forget about the other issues. Just please give us constructive feedback and some time.


NGS bug fixes for 2011-06-01

We’ve now slowed down a bit from the hot fixes and are starting to roll out weekly releases. To kick things off, here’s what we’ve just pushed out to the main servers:


  • [MBS-1071] – Relationships with pending edits should be highlighted
  • [MBS-1937] – Subscriptions email is not sorted
  • [MBS-1960] – Historic add release group edits have an invalid data section for artist credits
  • [MBS-2046] – Global ratelimits are not applied
  • [MBS-2055] – Add release/add disc: cannot add tracks or edit track lengths; leaving the tracklist tab loses tracklists; other problems
  • [MBS-2080] – Tracks times not being shown in release editor when DiscID is present
  • [MBS-2187] – IPIs from ASCAP not accepted
  • [MBS-2239] – Newly created work does not appear on the author’s list of works
  • [MBS-2247] – ModBot shouldn’t remove artists which were recently added
  • [MBS-2305] – Release groups shown twice on tag overview page for tag with releases and release groups.
  • [MBS-2316] – Broken link in "edits for your subscription" email
  • [MBS-2339] – Editing tracklist -> error
  • [MBS-2340] – Release tags do not show up in user’s created tags
  • [MBS-2375] – Label codes on label pages don’t have leading zeros anymore
  • [MBS-2380] – file error – work/ not found
  • [MBS-2393] – Error when searching works for certain strings.
  • [MBS-2395] – Use the link type name in /ws/2/ XML
  • [MBS-2397] – can’t watch an artist
  • [MBS-2457] – Multiple Entries of the Same DiscID, not editable
  • [MBS-2464] – "Remove recording" edit is not displaying recording


  • [MBS-1966] – Open edits list now backwards, showing newest edits first
  • [MBS-2074] – Change the label of the button at the bottom of the page from "Vote on All Edits" to "Save Changes"
  • [MBS-2290] – Replace letter x with multiplication sign.
  • [MBS-2379] – Wording in subscriptions email is inaccurate
  • [MBS-2396] – Make it possible to return recording and work level ARs from /ws/2/release


  • [MBS-2063] – Detail ws/2 ISRC submission process

Ian McEwan, one of this years Google Summer of Code students, now has his first bit of work in MusicBrainz as well:

I have created a basic graph with a subset of the core entities and some limited interactivity.

This is essentially a stripped down version of the old MusicBrainz timeline. Lots more interesting features to come with this project, and it’s showing great potential!

The Git tag for this release is v-2011-06-01-ngs-bugfixes.