NGS bug fixes for 2011-06-14

Another week, another set of bug fixes! Here’s what we’ve addressed since the last release:


  • [MBS-1231] – Age information for a person looks weird
  • [MBS-1924] – Allowed merge direction for "Merge mediums and recordings" strategy seems non-intuitive
  • [MBS-1995] – Time from TOC is calculated incorrectly
  • [MBS-2000] – CC URL relationship does not allow selection of license
  • [MBS-2049] – Docs not in the transclusion table seem to be perma-cached
  • [MBS-2062] – Menu link ‘About->Auto-editor elections’ is invalid.
  • [MBS-2169] – Label entered regardless of clearing text
  • [MBS-2261] – Release group is listed twice on an artist page
  • [MBS-2347] – Seed particular release after clicking on the recording tabs it comes back with Frequent 502 Bad Gateway
  • [MBS-2376] – Inline search results disappear when clicking on the little arrows two times
  • [MBS-2391] – You should not be able to add the same CDTOC multiple times on the same medium
  • [MBS-2399] – Problems with mediums having duplicate CD TOCs
  • [MBS-2408] – Guess Case deletes volume and part numbers
  • [MBS-2447] – "Charter Member" thing no longer shown
  • [MBS-2483] – Edit URL edit for a removed URL displays wrong
  • [MBS-2485] – no way to merge a various artist clone into the default "Various Artists" artist
  • [MBS-2529] – Orphaned release group and recordings after rejecting or cancelling a release/medium
  • [MBS-2550] – Re-add the "Subscribe to artists I add" option
  • [MBS-2552] – Allow removing a RG that has relationships
  • [MBS-2560] – Internal Server Error when removing medium from a release
  • [MBS-2644] – Internal server error while trying to add a disc ID
  • [MBS-2645] – Error in the message when trying to relate works to recordings
  • [MBS-2651] – Edit shows up in unrelated artists’ edit history
  • [MBS-2658] – Edit URL edits cannot close if the URL being edited has since been merged
  • [MBS-2659] – Edit relationship fails if the relationship has since been edited into the same relationship
  • [MBS-2705] – Adding a note to an edit which has an existing note w/o timestamp gets presented out of order
  • [MBS-2724] – IPIs don’t appear when added in Add artist edits
  • [MBS-2744] – Track removals not shown in tracklist diff


  • [MBS-1395] – Put relationship attributes descriptions inside of an HTML "label" tag
  • [MBS-1449] – Inline Search: relate to recordings and/or works on releases
  • [MBS-1982] – Add twitter link to home page
  • [MBS-2007] – Lack of spacing between the top nav search and the dropdown to accompany it
  • [MBS-2269] – Release editor > When new disc is added, check if the last disc is empty and replace it
  • [MBS-2299] – Display one-line TOC on discId page
  • [MBS-2430] – Tagger button for standalone recordings
  • [MBS-2459] – Timeline graph needs copyable URLs
  • [MBS-2697] – Could use a link to add a VA release group
  • [MBS-2721] – Sort recordings by comment

New Feature

  • [MBS-2567] – Statistics about artist countries


  • [MBS-1916] – Edit release label edit doesn’t display properly

One thought on “NGS bug fixes for 2011-06-14”

  1. It looks like this also fixed the Various Artist release editor 502s. At least I successfully added some releases yesterday, which wasn’t possible before. Thanks!

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