NGS bug fixes for 2011-06-08

We’ve just updated the servers with the latest round of bug fixes. After two years of no updates, its feels good to get them so often, doesn’t it? The next release is scheduled for June 13th. The bugs fixed in this release:


  • [MBS-1851] – Can’t view "Edit artist" or "Edit label" edits: "An error occured while loading this edit"
  • [MBS-1908] – Releases not being sorted by name
  • [MBS-1919] – Guess case is missing for release titles.
  • [MBS-1937] – Subscriptions email is not sorted
  • [MBS-1994] – All tracks of candidate mediums are displayed twice while attaching a CDTOC
  • [MBS-2055] – Add release/add disc: cannot add tracks or edit track lengths; leaving the tracklist tab loses tracklists; other problems
  • [MBS-2067] – CDStub not displayed in the "Matching CDs" section on CDTOC lookup page
  • [MBS-2114] – Recording appears twice in Recordings list
  • [MBS-2122] – In artist credits "dialog" in advanced tracklist editor, the link beside "Preview" to artists is often incorrect
  • [MBS-2123] – In "artist credits" dialog, if you manually click the magnifying glass for the search, impossible to close search dialog
  • [MBS-2181] – Internal Server Error when submitting edit to remove and add disc
  • [MBS-2205] – "Keep me logged in" does not keep me logged in
  • [MBS-2261] – Release group is listed twice on an artist page
  • [MBS-2356] – " code in tracklists
  • [MBS-2384] – Please restore migration scripts in admin/sql/updates
  • [MBS-2398] – Internal server error when trying to load the editing history of a release group
  • [MBS-2400] – ModBot deletes newly created artists that should appear in new artist credits once pending edits are applied
  • [MBS-2402] – Fix FTP link in INSTALL
  • [MBS-2470] – Can’t search for annotations with Unicode symbols in
  • [MBS-2482] – External links and last updated overlap
  • [MBS-2488] – Double escaping of & (&) in tracklist
  • [MBS-2490] – Internal server error when trying to change recordings on multiple discs
  • [MBS-2516] – Changing existing IPI code/gender/country shouldn’t be an autoedit
  • [MBS-2526] – Edit Label: Changing an IPI code is an autoedit and the code is not shown in the edit history
  • [MBS-2563] – Internal Server Error on "relate to recordings" if you don’t select any recordings
  • [MBS-2566] – Relating artist to recordings leads to an internal server error
  • [MBS-2581] – "Rename artist credits" does not appear to be working when merging artists
  • [MBS-2613] – Can’t edit (random "Internal Server Error")
  • [MBS-2616] – Move disc ID edits fail if the target medium no longer exists
  • [MBS-2619] – Change release group edits fail if the target release group no longer exists
  • [MBS-2622] – Modbot doesn’t remove (all?) orphaned artists
  • [MBS-2627] – Subscription mail hasn’t been sent for two days in a row


  • [MBS-1767] – "Edit medium" edit type doesn’t highlight what has changed between old and new values
  • [MBS-1944] – URL page should display relationships
  • [MBS-1970] – Set medium titles when merging releases
  • [MBS-2117] – "Relate to…" should end up back at the original entity, not at the entity related to
  • [MBS-2287] – Relationships type editing URLs should use GID rather than internal id, and GID should be displayed on AR tree
  • [MBS-2443] – Timeline graph should show exact values on hover.
  • [MBS-2444] – Data::Statistics needs a mapping of names (as in database) to labels to use for the timeline graph
  • [MBS-2445] – Timeline graph needs better tick placement so data can be skimmed more effectively
  • [MBS-2446] – Timeline graph needs better controls
  • [MBS-2448] – Timeline graph should allow adding/removing lines
  • [MBS-2472] – Fix display for two labels, one cat#
  • [MBS-2508] – Add CD-R to the formats list
  • [MBS-2512] – Add ISWCs to the basic metadata statistics
  • [MBS-2554] – Remove the quotes around work / recording names
  • [MBS-2568] – Statistics for artist type
  • [MBS-2569] – Statistics for artist gender
  • [MBS-2635] – Edit medium should show differences highlighted

3 thoughts on “NGS bug fixes for 2011-06-08”

  1. Have all these fixes been deployed to the main and/or test server yet? On both, I don’t see the following fixed:

  2. yindesu: Yes, the blog post states that we released fixes for both of those bugs.

    If the bugs are not fixed, go ahead and re-open them and provide more information on what is still broken.

  3. Sorry I mistakenly thought 2472 was the same as MBS-2439, should have read closer.

    MBS-2261 is however still not fixed.

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