Addressing user interface issues in NGS

Now that we’re slowly emerging from the critical bug fix phase in NGS, its time to make a plan of attack for how to address the most pressing issues that we need to clean up. The NGS user interface clearly requires a lot of work still; no one will argue that. The user interface was the hardest part about NGS — when we first started we had no idea how to make these things work. But, we got them to work and the team deserves a round of applause for that!

Now it time to get organized for future releases and we could use a bit of your help here. We’ve been doing daily hot fix releases and are now doing weekly releases. Once we’re done fixing critical issues we’re going to slow the schedule down to roughly monthly releases. In the future our releases will be a mix of bug fixes, UI improvements and new features. Nothing in NGS is in a state where “we have to live with it for a long time”.

If you don’t like some aspects of the NGS user interface, please head over to this UI ticket report in our bug tracker and see if we’ve already have a ticket for your pet issue. If we do have a ticket for your favorite issue, please vote on it to express your interest in having this ticket fixed.

We’re going to start working on the tickets that receive the most number of votes and work our way down. We’re going to engage our UX designer for more help to clean up the NGS user interface and to address all of these pesky problems that are plaguing our users.

But, please cut our developers some slack. If you don’t have anything constructive to say, vote on the tickets and sit tight. We know there are lots of issues and we’ve already fixed a pile of them, but we’re not going to forget about the other issues. Just please give us constructive feedback and some time.


3 thoughts on “Addressing user interface issues in NGS”

  1. Three cheers for the devs! I’m already thrilled with the changes, and am very much looking forward to UI improvements.

  2. Hear hear! The team are doing a great job and the data is fundamentally complex so hard to get the UI right for all breeds of users (casual to hardcore). We’ll get there!

  3. I will not only cut the developers some slack, I will also give them a standing applause for the work on NGS. Sorry for all the bug reports, you know I still love you.

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