Dear Anonymous web service user: We're seeing too much of you!

If you’ve installed an application and you’re getting an excessive number of 503 errors for this application, its because the application author was not a good citizen. We’ve throttled your traffic until you can behave better. Please contact the author of the application and let them know about this blog post!

If you are the author of this application, please post a comment so we can start a dialog!

Reduced editing phase has begun!

We’ve started our reduced editing phase, where everyone is encouraged to not add any new edits to MusicBrainz until we release NGS. We’ve added ugly banners to each edit submission page and the home page on to remind everyone that they should be voting more than editing this week.

Next week we’re going to disallow edits entirely. For more information on these pre-NGS changes, please read our Preparing for NGS guide.

Lets get the edit queue down as fast as we can!