NGS hot fixes for 2011-05-23

We’ve just finished rolling out todays bug fixes to last weeks NGS release. We’re going to be carrying on daily releases in this fashion for at least the next week.


  • [MBS-379] – Release search shows incorrect # tracks.
  • [MBS-1930] – Release view: Inconsistent display of fields in sidebar between tabs
  • [MBS-2052] – Cannot add new releases- "A track name is required on track <N>" for all tracks when submitting with discId/toc
  • [MBS-2069] – Adding a duplicate relationship gives an internal server error
  • [MBS-2072] – Release added against incorrect existing tracklist, even after track removed in release editor
  • [MBS-2099] – Add PUIDs edits should not appear in artist editing history
  • [MBS-2110] – Internal Server Error adding Jaikoz-sourced release on Edit Notes page of release editor
  • [MBS-2125] – Creating a release based on another one uses wrong track list
  • [MBS-2128] – Internal server error when searching for edits
  • [MBS-2145] – Duplicated ISRCs allowed on recording
  • [MBS-2148] – Internal Server Error while creating RG <-> RG AR
  • [MBS-2152] – Possible to add releases with no mediums
  • [MBS-2156] – Server error: Splitting a collaboration into credits
  • [MBS-2182] – Cannot display country/gender of artists in indexed release search results
  • [MBS-2208] – Database Statistics shows percentage over 100%
  • [MBS-2217] – Internal Server Error viewing my edits page
  • [MBS-2218] – Internal Server Error performing /ws/2 PUID lookup
  • [MBS-2222] – Errors when submitting relationship without selecting a type
  • [MBS-2251] – Webservice fails if query includes "&"


  • [MBS-1971] – Guess medium position from the release title when merging releases
  • [MBS-2094] – Missing space in "~Release"

The tag for this version in Git is ‘v-20110523-ngs-hotfixes’

First NGS Bug Fix Release Now Out

Our first set of bug fixes have now been deployed on our production servers! Please keep the bug reports coming in, we’re aiming to do almost daily releases until we really get things stable. Here are the bugs that are now fixed:


  • [MBS-1660] – “To be cancelled” edits aren’t highlighted
  • [MBS-1665] – “Artist as credited” gray default must be manually set
  • [MBS-1776] – Seeding releases no longer picking up tracks on
  • [MBS-1888] – Change direction shown for relationships where changing the direction is not possible
  • [MBS-1897] – 500 error in release editor
  • [MBS-1898] – Changing artist {credit} for release and tracks in VA conflicts
  • [MBS-1902] – Internal Server Error trying to edit a Release<->URL relationship
  • [MBS-1912] – Weirdness after editing release labels
  • [MBS-1913] – “Attribute (params) does not pass the type constraint because: Validation failed for ‘HashRef’ with value undef”
  • [MBS-1931] – Beethoven’s Relationships timeout
  • [MBS-1952] – Simultaneous Release edits impossible
  • [MBS-1954] – Medium edit page shows tracklist when it hasn’t been changed
  • [MBS-1959] – Internal server error when trying to relate a recording to a work
  • [MBS-1962] – Cannot cancel edit
  • [MBS-1963] – Release in a remove release label edit doesn’t display
  • [MBS-1967] – Internal Server Error in relate to recordings
  • [MBS-1977] – ModBot complains more
  • [MBS-1980] – ISE when adding standalone recordings for artists not in the DB
  • [MBS-1996] – Setting track durations from TOC returns back to same page
  • [MBS-2002] – “Internal Server Error” when attempting to add release to existing release group
  • [MBS-2003] – Error entering a various artists edit
  • [MBS-2004] – Internal Server Error attaching Discogs URL
  • [MBS-2006] – Internal Server Error submitting add release label edit
  • [MBS-2019] – Release editor > Advanced tracklist mode > Can’t change artist credits of tracks of a release with 5 mediums
  • [MBS-2024] – Voting twice gives odd results
  • [MBS-2089] – Error displaying release label edit
  • [MBS-2090] – Merge artists doesn’t show whether the keep artist credits box is ticked
  • [MBS-2091] – All relationship IDs in the URL cleanup JS are incorrect
  • [MBS-2100] – Removing an {artist} alias is an autoedit for autoeditors
  • [MBS-2105] – Merged artist not being redirected to target artist

NGS: We're fixing bugs

As soon as we let people lose on the final test server with live data, people started finding lots more bugs. Which means that the final switchover will be delayed for a while longer.

But, the NGS data is live and replication packets for the NGS data are flowing. I’ll post instructions on how to tap into this feed later today.

UPDATE: Please be careful with your edits — we plan to keep this data!. Unless some data corruption bug is discovered, we’re going to do our best to keep this data. Please keep this in mind as you edit on this server.