NGS hotfixes for 2011-05-27

A small set of fixes to finish the week. The next release after this is currently scheduled for Wednesday. Thanks for sticking with us through the NGS launch week! Please keep the bug reports coming in, no matter how insignificant you think the issue may be, your reporting has been tremendously helpful. The Git tag for this version is ocharles/v-2011-05-27-ngs-hotfixes – the official tag will be out late Monday (I don’t have a key to sign the tag with).

One note about the Sound Juicer/RhythmBox issues – this is actually a problem with programs being compiled against libmusicbrainz2, instead of libmusicbrainz3 and there’s nothing we can do about these problems. If you are experiencing problems we recommend you compile from source, or wait/pester your distribution to update their packages.


  • [MBS-2249] – Sound Juicer no longer works with NGS
  • [MBS-2274] – Sort names being returned incorrectly for multiple artist credits on /ws/1
  • [MBS-2295] – UX: Add Missing Entities loses your selections for artists if you forget to select (or add new artist sort-name for) one of them
  • [MBS-2296] – FixTrackLength script (aka modbot automatically setting track lengths) checks are wrong
  • [MBS-2328] – When seed release editor with recording ids for tracks the Release Editor associates them with the wrong tracks unless recording ids have been allocated for every track
  • [MBS-2332] – Error trying to edit tracklist of a release to remove excesive quoting
  • [MBS-2350] – Subscribe link doesn’t work (missing id)


  • [MBS-2353] – Update javascript code for relationships so Wikipedia URL are recognized automatically for works

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