NGS hot fixes for 2011-05-25

Thanks for sticking with us through that brief bit of downtime for editors – here’s what we got fixed today! Of interest especially is the improved support for relationship edits in artist history. Hopefully tomorrow we will clean up the subscription system a bit more, so you can get back to voting! This version is v-2011-05-25-ngs-hotfixes in Git.


  • [MBS-1945] – Relationships edits dont appear in artist history
  • [MBS-1990] – Can’t import/add certain freedb/discid releases: "An artist is required on track x" for all tracks
  • [MBS-2057] – [ws/1] track request is missing tracknumbers in release-list after ngs migration
  • [MBS-2102] – Adding a new release/tracklist that shares recordings changes existing release tracklist
  • [MBS-2129] – Edits submitted when no changes made
  • [MBS-2130] – Edit medium (to correct separate bug) didn’t remove intended tracks
  • [MBS-2135] – Send subscriptions emails at the normal time
  • [MBS-2140] – Recordings automatically changed when editing release with CD+DVD with same track names
  • [MBS-2141] – Search indices not updating every 6 hours?
  • [MBS-2177] – All recordings are forgotten if you go back to Tracklist from Recordings
  • [MBS-2198] – Using Artist Credit with no join phrase results in a server error
  • [MBS-2219] – Internal Server error trying to edit artist credit and track title in advanced error for mashup
  • [MBS-2263] – Link in a URL’s title is incorrect
  • [MBS-2270] – Internal Server Error for invalid timezone
  • [MBS-2271] – broken link on ‘Edit Relationship’ page
  • [MBS-2272] – Cannot display some edit relationship edits
  • [MBS-2285] – Internal Server Error adding/removing anything from collection


  • [MBS-1706] – Indicate date is Y/M/D in the RE
  • [MBS-1946] – Readd old relationships phrases in database in addition to new short ones

One thought on “NGS hot fixes for 2011-05-25”

  1. You guys do a great job.
    I mean this idea with daily reports on hotfixes is really great, it gives us an ability to watch NGS grow stable/improve step by step. =))
    Hope you’ll keep us up to date this way and later on.

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