NGS hot fixes for 2011-05-24

More bug fixes for the NGS release, keeping up with our promise of daily hot fixes! A lot of work today, but a good whack of it is still in review, so that will be coming tomorrow. Here’s what you should see on the servers:


  • [MBS-1896] – Editing Artist/Label Name capitalisation results with "Possible Duplicate Artists" warning
  • [MBS-2106] – Unable to add new release using FreeDB import: process freezes when clicking "Add disc" radio button
  • [MBS-2163] – Internal Server Error attempting to assign a title to a medium
  • [MBS-2171] – Expand Disc does not result in the correct action
  • [MBS-2179] – Remove disc in release editor tracklist pane does nothing
  • [MBS-2181] – Internal Server Error when submitting edit to remove and add disc
  • [MBS-2203] – Internal server error when importing VA release from freedb via freedb search > import
  • [MBS-2206] – Advanced editor: Can’t add tracks to new mediums
  • [MBS-2254] – Viewing the page for a tag which is only present on works gives a internal server error for template
  • [MBS-2261] – Release group is listed twice on an artist page
  • [MBS-2267] – Number of mediums doubled on ‘Disc IDs’ page
  • [MBS-2279] – Medium heading displayed twice in list of disc IDs
  • [MBS-2280] – [ws/1] release-group search returns invalid xml
  • [MBS-2284] – Disc IDs shown with duplicate CD1/CD2 headings


  • [MBS-1717] – Allow selecting the release group of a release in the release editor

Please feel free to make use of these, if you want to do more testing, remember our test servers are also up to date! The tag for this version in Git is v-2011-05-24-ngs-hotfixes

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