NGS hot fixes for 2011-05-23

We’ve just finished rolling out todays bug fixes to last weeks NGS release. We’re going to be carrying on daily releases in this fashion for at least the next week.


  • [MBS-379] – Release search shows incorrect # tracks.
  • [MBS-1930] – Release view: Inconsistent display of fields in sidebar between tabs
  • [MBS-2052] – Cannot add new releases- "A track name is required on track <N>" for all tracks when submitting with discId/toc
  • [MBS-2069] – Adding a duplicate relationship gives an internal server error
  • [MBS-2072] – Release added against incorrect existing tracklist, even after track removed in release editor
  • [MBS-2099] – Add PUIDs edits should not appear in artist editing history
  • [MBS-2110] – Internal Server Error adding Jaikoz-sourced release on Edit Notes page of release editor
  • [MBS-2125] – Creating a release based on another one uses wrong track list
  • [MBS-2128] – Internal server error when searching for edits
  • [MBS-2145] – Duplicated ISRCs allowed on recording
  • [MBS-2148] – Internal Server Error while creating RG <-> RG AR
  • [MBS-2152] – Possible to add releases with no mediums
  • [MBS-2156] – Server error: Splitting a collaboration into credits
  • [MBS-2182] – Cannot display country/gender of artists in indexed release search results
  • [MBS-2208] – Database Statistics shows percentage over 100%
  • [MBS-2217] – Internal Server Error viewing my edits page
  • [MBS-2218] – Internal Server Error performing /ws/2 PUID lookup
  • [MBS-2222] – Errors when submitting relationship without selecting a type
  • [MBS-2251] – Webservice fails if query includes "&"


  • [MBS-1971] – Guess medium position from the release title when merging releases
  • [MBS-2094] – Missing space in "~Release"

The tag for this version in Git is ‘v-20110523-ngs-hotfixes’

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