Picard 0.14 released

NGS is obviously the release of this week, but Lukáš has today announced the release of Picard 0.14 on the mailing list.

Picard 0.14 should be the last release that doesn’t support the NGS web service. It brings some improvements in handling of network errors, changes the default ID3 version, finally adds support for sorting, prioritizing matches based on release types and fixes a couple of bugs. It is also the first release that has a Mac package available at the release time, many thanks to bitmap for that.

You can download the packages as usually at http://musicbrainz.org/doc/Picard


  • Fixed a problem with network operations hanging after a network error (#5794, #5884)
  • ID3v2.3 with UTF-16 is now the default ID3 version
  • Option to set preferred release types for improved album matching
  • Added support for sorting the album/file lists (#75)
  • Fixed OptimFROG tag reading (#5859)
  • Fixed colors for a white-on-black color scheme (#5846)
  • Added an option to replace non-ASCII punctuation (#5834)
  • Support for writing release group and work IDs, currently unused (#5805)
  • Fixed saving of the release event format tag (#5250)
  • Added support for the language and script tags (#943)
  • Plugins can now use track-track relationships (#5849)
  • Allowed external drives to be visible in the file browser panel on OS X (#5308)

7 thoughts on “Picard 0.14 released”

  1. Because ID3v2.4 ist still badly supported by popular software and devices (especially Windows, Windows Media Player and iTunes) and we got many bug reports and user complaints caused by this 😦

    This setting is just more save for the average user. If you know what you are doing use 2.4 and UTF-8 or whatever you want 🙂

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