MusicBrainz NGS release date: May 16th

I’m pleased to announce that we’re finally confident enough with the NGS codebase that we’re ready to commit to a release date: May 16th! There are a tremendous number of things that we still need to finish, but we’re working hard to meet this deadline.

Two weeks prior to the deadline we will begin the process to prepare our users for the switchover. We expect to have about a two week period where we are going to discourage new edits and encourage people to vote on existing edits. We anticipate not allowing any new edits to be submitted by May 9th and we hope to encourage the community to help us review all pending edits in the last week. It would be nice to not have any open edits before we begin the migration to NGS, since we will need to close any open edits at that time. All of these dates are still in flux — we will have a complete migration schedule on May 2nd.

Tomorrow we will be releasing new NGS data, start NGS replication over and hopefully also have a new NGS Virtual Machine for you to download. Stay tuned!

Update: We had previously agreed on a 7 days no-new-edit timeframe; this post now reflects this.

3 thoughts on “MusicBrainz NGS release date: May 16th”

  1. May 9 – May 16 sounds like college finals period for many people =

    (and maybe this doesn’t belong here…)
    Question about NGS: Is there a release display option that shows track AR’s like there is in musicbrainz right now? It was most helpful to track incomplete AR’s in a release.

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