Our hardware fundraiser is complete: We raised $15,527.50

After pestering people for a month, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve successfully closed our fundraiser. We’ve exceeded our goal by raising $15,527.50!

The following companies & individuals contributed:

$5000.00 Google
$3708.50 Individual user donations
$1389.00 SoundCloud
$2000.00 EchoNest
$1000.00 Matt Mullenweg (WordPress)
$1000.00 Decibel.net
$500.00 Magic MP3 Tagger
$500.00 Grooveshark
$300.00 Songkick
$130.00 Affinity Chiropractic (the people MetaBrainz rents an office from)
$15,527.50 in total!

I will send out thank you mails to our 83 individual donors later today! Thanks to everyone who contributed! I’ve already ordered the hardware we wanted and will start installing it this week. Hopefully next week we can start loading NGS on this new hardware.

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