Picard 0.13 binary releases now available for Linux, Mac and Windows

Picard 0.13 was recently released and thanks to the packaging efforts of Michael Wiencek we now have a working Mac DMG for Intel Macs running OS X 10.4+! At this point we do not have any support for older PPC Macs and it doesn’t look like we will ever have support for that. Sorry. There is an older 0.11 Universal Binary that PPC users can use.

Download your Picard version 0.13 binary version now!

Thanks to Lukáš, Philip, Michael and everyone else who worked on this release!

UPDATE: You see a change log for this release here.

5 thoughts on “Picard 0.13 binary releases now available for Linux, Mac and Windows”

  1. http://forums.musicbrainz.org/viewtopic.php?id=2614

    Changes are listed on that forum post. However the change about rounding seems a bit premature. I have a few files which get rounded and shouldn’t. like a 1:11:497 (one minute, eleven seconds and four hundred ninety sevenths of a second) file, it gets rounded to 1:12 instead of down to 1:11

  2. Sweet, now it closes clean on Win7 64. Used to always close with an error asking to look online for solution.

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