Google now matching donations for NGS hardware fundraiser!

I’m pleased to announce that the Google Open Source Programs Office has pledged to match donations we receive for our NGS fundraiser! Google will match donations up to $5,000!

If you haven’t chipped in to support us purchasing hardware for our NGS roll-out, now is the time! Your donations count twice as much, because of Google’s matching pledge!

Thank you so much to Chris DiBona and the rest of the Open Source Programs Office at Google!

6 thoughts on “Google now matching donations for NGS hardware fundraiser!”

  1. I mentioned this in an older comment, but it seems very appropriate here. How about adding an option to donate using Google Checkout in addition to PayPal? I know I’m much more comfortable letting Google process my credit card for you than I am dealing with transferring money through a PayPal account and I bet that is true of many other people. Google seems to make some special provisions for non-profits, see

  2. bugstomper: I’m planning on using Google Checkout in the future, but I’m focusing on getting NGS out the door first.

  3. Just wondering if Google has matched the donations already made… If not I guess some of us donated too soon.

  4. Josh: Google will match any/all donations up to a total of $5k. Given that we’re close to having raised $5k, we’re effectively at $10k. 🙂

  5. Tried to donate, failed 😦 Paypal now helpfully rejects both of my credit cards; issued from two different countries. *sigh*

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