Virtual Machine for NGS RC1 available for download

I’ve just finished uploading the Virtual Machine for MusicBrainz Next Generation Schema Release Candidate 1. This virtual machine is setup as a slave and can pull replication data from the test server by running the admin/replication/LoadReplicationChanges from the musicbrainz-server codebase about 10 minutes after every hour.

This is an easy way to jump in and take a look at how NGS and replication in NGS will work! (hint: the replication doesn’t change much)

UPDATE: See our wiki page for details on how to use this VM

5 thoughts on “Virtual Machine for NGS RC1 available for download”

  1. I tried MusicBrainz_NGS_vm_20110119.ova

    I fail immediately with:
    ./script/ -r
    Couldn’t load class (MusicBrainz::Server) because: Can’t locate CGI/ in @INC (…) at …/musicbrainz-server/script/../lib/MusicBrainz/Server/Wizard/ReleaseEditor/ line 5.

  2. bgspence:

    Try this:

    $ sudo su –
    (the password is “musicbrainz”)
    # cpan
    cpan> install CGI::Expand
    cpan> quit
    # exit

  3. Thanks, that worked.

    I can search and get local results (after checking the ‘Direct Search’ checkbox)

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