Next Generation Schema virtual machine available for download

Using Virtual Box I’ve created a virtual machine that contains a complete NGS installation. This installation also has the latest NGS data (without the edits) loaded in it.

If you’re interested in playing with NGS on your own machine, but don’t want to go through the long setup process, this virtual machine is for you!

To play with this virtual machine on your Windows, Linux or Mac machine, read our wiki page!

6 thoughts on “Next Generation Schema virtual machine available for download”

  1. Thanks for this!
    I look forward for such a virtual machine after RC1 is released – hopefully with working replication?

  2. Cool!

    Does it automatically update itself?
    Do I have direct access to the postgresql from outside the machine?


  3. Dekel:

    No this one wont, but hopefully I can release a new one for RC1 tomorrow.

    You can configure the VM to accept connections from the outside — just log in with musicbrainz/musicbrainz — that account has sudo privs.

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