Next Generation public schema frozen & new data dump available

Hello and Happy New Year!

Very late last year we finally hit a milestone we’ve been working towards for quite some time: Freezing the public NGS schema!

The public schema refers to the collection of tables that will be replicated in NGS. See below for a complete list of all those tables. However, we may make small changes to some of the tables in NGS that are not replicated. This should not affect anyone, unless you are actively hacking on the MusicBrainz Server code.

Also, we have a new data dump for this frozen schema available for anyone who would like to play with it. This data dump will cleanly import into the current version of the server source code in git.

All the tables that will be replicated for NGS:

annotation, artist, artist_alias, artist_annotation, artist_meta, artist_tag, artist_credit, artist_credit_name, artist_gid_redirect, artist_name, artist_type, cdtoc, clientversion, country, gender, isrc, l_artist_artist, l_artist_label, l_artist_recording, l_artist_release, l_artist_release_group, l_artist_url, l_artist_work, l_label_label, l_label_recording, l_label_release, l_label_release_group, l_label_url, l_label_work, l_recording_recording, l_recording_release, l_recording_release_group, l_recording_url, l_recording_work, l_release_release, l_release_release_group, l_release_url, l_release_work, l_release_group_release_group, l_release_group_url, l_release_group_work, l_url_url, l_url_work, l_work_work, label, label_alias, label_annotation, label_meta, label_gid_redirect, label_name, label_tag, label_type, language, link, link_attribute, link_attribute_type, link_type, link_type_attribute_type, medium, medium_cdtoc, medium_format, puid, recording, recording_annotation, recording_meta, recording_gid_redirect, recording_puid, recording_tag, release, release_annotation, release_gid_redirect, release_meta, release_label, release_packaging, release_status, release_group, release_group_annotation, release_group_gid_redirect, release_group_meta, release_group_tag, release_group_type, release_name, replication_control, script, script_language, tag, tag_relation, track, track_name, tracklist, tracklist_index, url, work, work_annotation, work_gid_redirect, work_meta, work_name, work_tag, work_type

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