MusixMatch becomes our customer!

MusixMatch, a new lyrics start-up company in Bologna, Italy just signed up to be our latest customer!

MusixMatch aims to license lyrics from all over the world (and not just the usual US/western Europe suspects) and aims to make accessing and licensing lyrics much easier than it currently is. I spent three days in June with the whole MusixMatch team to figure out how MusicBrainz and MusixMatch can work together, and we found a number of interesting ways in which we can help each other.

MusixMatch needs to match lyric publisher data to music metadata like the data in MusicBrainz. This matching will enable MusixMatch to instantly license lyrics to anyone who speaks MBIDs or anyone who can match their data to our metadata. And MusicBrainz will benefit from this relationship by being able to show lyrics on MusicBrainz pages, which enriches MusicBrainz and takes us one step further on our road to being a comprehensive music encyclopedia.

However, it should be noted that MusicBrainz is not getting into the lyrics business. We will never store Lyrics in our database since those are copyrighted! We plan to fetch lyrics from the MusixMatch servers to display them on our site. MusixMatch, however, plans to offer our music metadata and lyrics in a package deal once we’ve matched our data and have lyric support on

All of this lyrics work will come after we’ve shipped NGS — until NGS we will not adapt any new features! We are really keeping our focus on delivering NGS as soon as we’re happy with its stability.

4 thoughts on “MusixMatch becomes our customer!”

  1. Cool! Sounds as good news! I’m looking forward to see what this will grow into 🙂

  2. Jacobbrett: I don’t think so — I think the more resource we link to the better. Certainly we need to wait until this happens to make any concrete decisions.

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