VLC, we love you, but we're seeing too much of you!

Dear VLC:

In the last month you grew to more than 25% of our traffic and this is hard for us to handle. We’ve limited the number of requests from VLC to 100 requests per 10 seconds. We need to find a way to help cover our costs for all of this traffic.

In other words, we need to sit down and chat, VLC. Please contact us!



7 thoughts on “VLC, we love you, but we're seeing too much of you!”

  1. So, I suppose, you can use access MB using VLC… but how, I’ve search for this feature in VLC and I couldn’t find it.

  2. radu: Having been there for the discussion of this: VLC uses musicbrainz lookup in order to find ASIN numbers for the functionality it provides which displays album art from Amazon. That’s the only place in the checkout I did, at least, which uses musicbrainz at all. It’s probably an issue where better implementation on the VLC side can really improve the number of hits to musicbrainz that are happening.

    But no, not really any fancy musicbrainz-editing or musicbrainz-tagging features in VLC at the moment, it looks like 😦

  3. Hi,

    You can contact videolan by email easily in email-address found in our website (contact-section). But sorry if our script hit your site too much.

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