Once more: Testing the NGS live data feed

Now that we’re (hopefully) done making schema changes to NGS, its time to give the replication testing another try. If you’re interested in testing replication for NGS, follow these instructions:

  • Download and install the mb_server source code from git. Follow these instructions.
  • Set your server type in DBDefs.pm to RT_SLAVE
  • Download and import this dataset.
  • Insert this required row into the database, using our psql program:
    cd <mb_server_src>/admin
    ./psql READWRITE
    insert into replication_control values (1, 12, 0, '2010-06-15 17:00:02.795317-07');
  • Now run admin/replication/LoadReplicationChanges a few minutes after the hour to keep up to date with the data on the test server. Please note that this system may not be stable yet and that we will occaisionally load new data on our test server, which will require you to reload the data on your server.

Good luck!

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