RJ of last.fm fame donates $50,000 to MetaBrainz!

RJ (Richard Jones), creator of Playdar and one of the founders of Last.fm, has just pledged to donate $50,000 to the MetaBrainz Foundation! This awesome donation will allow us to renew Kuno Woudt’s contract in a few months and will allow us to continue at a good development pace.

Thank you for your generous support, RJ!

5 thoughts on “RJ of last.fm fame donates $50,000 to MetaBrainz!”

  1. Wow, very generous! And great news for the stability and continuing development of MusicBrainz πŸ™‚

  2. Probably he has great plans for MusicBrainz in Playdar. Let’s all hope that Playdar will be the killer application that will unleash the power of MB, the application that we were all waiting for.

    Sean’s project, Playdar integration, 10 days till NGS beta 2… this will be a great summer for my terabytes of music.

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