mb_server is now hosted on Git

Today we are officially marking the transition of mb_server (that’s the code name for the MusicBrainz Server – the website) from Subversion to Git. This is now hosted at git.musicbrainz.org, and the “musicbrainz-server/core.git” repository contains the stable and unstable development branches (named master and next, respectively).

If you are just interested in setting up MusicBrainz locally, and not interested in development, the same instructions apply as before – use the latest RELEASE branch from Subversion. The git changes should only be of interest to those who were running the “trunk” branch from Subversion, and wish to test or contribute to the upcoming NGS server.

For more information about Git & MusicBrainz, see the Git wiki page

3 thoughts on “mb_server is now hosted on Git”

  1. Congratulations on what seems to be a smooth transition.

    Any specific reasoning on the switch?

    As a side note, I am a large game music collector and I think that musicbrainz would do itself a large favor by getting in touch with various other free databases. Vgmdb.net for games to try and fill large gaps in the database with already collected information. Which Also can have Multiple language versions.

  2. The dev team prefers to work in git and I gotta say the improved workflows are damn sexy!

    As for importing more data: First we need to get NGS out the door. Then we can look at getting more data.

  3. Improved work flow, production rates and happier developers make for a happier musicbrainz/user.

    As an aside note I do like the way test is starting to look, a few quips but I know it is a work in progress.

    I have one question that I have yet to find written in the NGS. Hypothetically an album is released in multiple countries in multiple “languages” for this example pure instrumental music. Will the NGS bunch the CD info into a single tag area and have a drop down or switch over for the other languages it is in? Or even for a different language speaker who would rather a native tongue equivalent attached to the same album instead of split into separate named transliteration or translation?

    Maybe I just missed it.

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