Announcing NGS Beta 1!

After many years of discussion, planning and hard work, we’ve finally reached the much anticipated Next Generation Schema Beta 1 release!

For all the information on this release, please take a look at our release notes. Then head over to the test server and play with it!

Most important of all, please note that we are using Jira to keep track of bug for the MusicBrainz server now. Please do not enter bugs for Beta 1 into the old (trac) bug tracker!

Many thanks to the countless people who have helped make NGS a reality!

16 thoughts on “Announcing NGS Beta 1!”

  1. Rob: Please edit my previous comment so that the period comes after the URL, not in it.

  2. Anyone else having trouble logging in?

    Using my username and “mb” as password I got an error page, then visiting another URL showed that login had succeded (this was on an iphone). Trying again now on a laptop (Safari on Mac OS X 10.6) I get similar but not that going to the homepage consistently returns an error, but I can add /search to the URL and access most functions as expected.

  3. yeah am having trouble logging in too. tried the lost password thing but that also failed.

  4. Exciting. I’ve been following what I can of the WS development for NGS, and I’d be up for testing out new functionality/regressions if required.

  5. Great stuff guys and girls. Congratulations on reaching this momentous milestone! Looking forward to crashing the server with some bonkers use case scenarios 🙂

  6. nick: See the release notes. The very bare bones of the WS are up and running. I’m hoping to flesh that out this week.

    dwr: The login issues have been fixed now.

  7. I am in love with the way group/collaboration artists is working. Being able to replace artist names with aliases, and being able to use “join phrases” after the last artist, is awesome.

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