Picard 0.12

We have released the next version of MusicBrainz Picard. Picard 0.12 includes a lot of bug fixes and new features, including:

  • Support for ratings and folksonomy tags.
  • Live syntax checking for tagger script and naming strings.
  • Embed cover art into WMA and APEv2 tags.
  • New script functions $matchedtracks(), $initials(), $firstalphachar(), $truncate() and $firstwords()
  • New plugin extension point ui_init, allowing plugins to add new UI elements to the main window.
  • A new high quality application icon.
  • Support for originaldate tag. While this is not filled by Picard itself it can be used from within plugins such as the Original Release Date plugin.
  • Write ISRCs from MusicBrainz into tags.
  • CD drive dropdown selection on Linux.
  • Various small improvements to the UI.
  • Updated translations and the option to choose the user interface language.

A complete list of changes be found in NEWS.txt.

Picard 0.12 is available for download for Windows and Linux. The Mac OS X version will be released later, sorry for that. We are still in search for a long term maintainer of Picard on OS X.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release.

19 thoughts on “Picard 0.12”

  1. Thanks a lot! Maybe the credits can be changed to also include Philipp?

    And is the item “Fix infinite loop when using Qt 4.5.” included twice on purpose? 😉

  2. Nice! I’ve been wanting the folksonomy fuctionality for a while, but it doesn’t quite function correctly with foobar–to make the thing multivalue instead of just a list, it’s necessary to perform some edit (e.g. adding a space after the separator) and then re-save the tags. Otherwise, excellent.

  3. @geof: General experience in building and packaging software (as a UB) should be sufficient, and some knowledge of python would help, too. If you are interested this would be great. I tried to contact the one who did the previous packaging, he should be able to describe the build environment. If you are interested that would be great. We can discuss details on musicbrainz-devel@lists.musicbrainz.org or on IRC.

  4. All good, but “Original Release Date” work very strange. Some times originaldate is greater than date.

  5. I build the Mac OSX version for my private use from the 0.12 sources. If someone provides me with a place to upload it, I could upload it (email me).

    However, there is an issue: drag and drop does not work as it should (i.e. you can’t use the finder to add files)

    But I’ve already an idea how to solve this problem..

    Of course I only tested it on my machine (10.6.1).


  6. Why a rating function? I don’t want a popularity contest.

    Also, I uninstalled the old Picard version and told it to delete all my personal user data. Yet when I installed this new version, my username and password where already present.

    And furthermore, please support Mod and similar music tracker files.

  7. @Mimimi: If you don’t want to use the ratings you don’t have to use them 🙂 But it allows you to store your ratings directly in your files so they will show up in players which support this functionality.

  8. @Lucid.Dreams

    Hi, I’m very interested in the Mac OSX version, have you found a place to upload it?

    Btw Is there anyway you can disable all the bloody collections? For my single tracks, they often show up from some crazy compilation instead of the “real” album?


  9. Yes, it means that it will consider any track in the database for which there is a matching PUID. Previously it compared the metadata to the local file and if they were too different, it wouldn’t ignore the track. This makes no sense if you have a file like “Track 01” and want to find a match in MB using PUIDs.

  10. Has the OS version been posted yet? I am a Brainz newbie, love the idea, need album art add-on, not so hot at compiling, etc..!

    Please tell me its ready!

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