OT: Fix for Text::Unaccent on 64 bit systems

[ MusicBrainz readers: Please ignore this post — its only so that others can find the solution to a problem I just solved ]

If you are running the Perl module Text::Unaccent (version 1.07) on a 64 bit system, you’ll find that it fails its test cases. This is due to a mismatched type in the Perl module. Apply this patch to your Text::Unaccent code, recompile and the tests will pass!

3 thoughts on “OT: Fix for Text::Unaccent on 64 bit systems”

  1. I know this is old post, but the bug is still going strong in v1.08 and this patch still works so thank you.

  2. This is still a problem in Text::Unaccent v1.08. However the link to your fix fails with a timeout–it appears the page no longer exists or is no longer being served up but doesn’t return a 404. Can you look at this and hopefully fix? Thanks!

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