Looking for an icon artist

As we’re working hard on the next generation schema, (NGS) we’re now deep in the middle of working on the release editor. We’re working hard to embrace modern UI design concepts and we’re shooting for a clean and uncluttered look. Part of this effort will require the creation of a number of icons that fit in our new site design.

Does anyone know of an icon designer who would be willing to help us design a handful of icons? This is an important aspect of our next release, so if we need to pay for professional icon design, so be it. We would of course love to find a qualified volunteer or perhaps a designer who would be willing to give us a discount.

If you know someone, please leave a comment.

12 thoughts on “Looking for an icon artist”

  1. I might be able to volunteer, depending on what kind of style the site will be kept in; although I’m nothing but an enthusiast.

    Contact me at kurek90atgmail.com.

  2. Unless it’s top secret development how about posting some links (screenshots/pages) and making it a community effort via the forum?

  3. Love the site and work you guys are doing… I’d be willing to put in some hours to help you guys out. E-mail me and let me know what kind of icons you need. Yeah open source!

  4. @jesus2009: I don’t want to start a discussion about the answering behaviour in the Internet, but if you follow the principle of don’t expecting an answer, you will be even happier, if you will get an answer 😉 (You know what I mean?)
    So don’t be angry, if there is now answer in a specific amount of time, maybe someone will have the time to answer later, or there is still nothing to answer …



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