Google donates another $30,000!

Google’s Open Source Office has once again decided to support MusicBrainz with another $30,000 donation! Read about how we use Google’s money on the Google open source office blog:

Last year, Google’s generous donation paid for a much needed server and it allowed us to hire our Google Summer of Code™ student (Oliver Charles) part time after the program wrapped up. The donation also helped pay for mundane things like keeping the lights on, backup disks and paying for insurance. But the most fun part that we spent money on last year was our phenomenal MusicBrainz Summit in London.

Thank you very much to everyone at the Google Open Source Office! MusicBrainz would be moving slower and be much more dull without your support!

6 thoughts on “Google donates another $30,000!”

  1. ‘bing’…uhhem, I mean cha-ching 🙂 Thanks Google!
    Yes to cOS no to ms

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