Imported CD Baby metadata into our CD Stub collection

A quick FYI before I go back to heads down mode for NGS — last night I imported the CD Baby metadata into our CD Stub collection:

Imported 196642 CDs. Already had 8382 CDs

We now have almost 50% more Disc Ids in our collection. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Imported CD Baby metadata into our CD Stub collection”

  1. Is there some way of discovering existing releases that match stubs?

    Something like a report that displays probable matches and allows users to attach them to releases would be very helpful. (Think of the previous reports on Wikipedia matches.) Similarity matching between titles and track lengths, together with identity-matching for track numbering, shouldn’t be too hard to do, despite the volume of data.

    It would be even better if the report could filter the matches according to a user’s subscription & collection lists; it’s more likely to get both interest and “expertise” from users.

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