Server upgrade starting very soon

Welcome all Lifehacker users!

Unfortunately you picked a bad day to come inundate MusicBrainz, because today is our next server update. This will start very soon, within about half an hour of me posting this entry. We expect to be down for at least 30 minutes today.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

4 thoughts on “Server upgrade starting very soon”

  1. Is this why Picard Tagger is not working right now (says [couldn’t load album fb51505a-1cae-410e-a128-0bbb558d064f] for any album I try to load (with different id’s though)).

  2. Post-release, the ‘My Collection’ page seems to be in an odd order (a subset is sorted A-Z on each page, rather than the whole set over multiple pages).

    Also, was there a reason for still displaying releases for a particular label by release and not release group?

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