Wolfram Alpha uses MusicBrainz!

Wolfram Alpha, the “computational knowledge engine” that has been the buzz the last few days uses MusicBrainz data! Click on the source information link on their example search for music:

When was Like a Rolling Stone released?

They use our data, but unfortunately they are not our customer. 😦

One thought on “Wolfram Alpha uses MusicBrainz!”

  1. While I naturally applaud any use of MusicBrainz, I can’t help notice the disclaimer on their sources page:

    “The inclusion of an item in this list does not necessarily mean that its content was used as the basic for any specific Wolfram|Alpha result.”

    Has anyone tried contacting them for more info? There’s a link at the bottom of the page.

    If they did ingest MusicBrainz, they did so fairly poorly at the moment – for instance, I can’t seem to get “Big Yellow Taxi” to resolve to anything which isn’t financial.

    Kudo’s on the potential, but it seems to overpromise quite a bit at the moment.

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