MusicBrainz Flickr machine tags

Sander van Zoest and Dan Brickley have been prodding me to officially post about Flickr Machine tags — using Flickr machine tags you can now tag your photos on Flickr to refer to specific MusicBrainz entities. This is how to create MusicBrainz machine tags on Flickr:

  • musicbrainz:artist=<MBID>
  • musicbrainz:release=<MBID>
  • musicbrainz:track=<MBID>
  • musicbrainz:label=<MBID>

For more details see the official wiki page: FlickrMachineTag

10 thoughts on “MusicBrainz Flickr machine tags”

  1. I’m also using this system for one of my computer science projects – but the work may be continued if it takes off – I’ll keep you posted when it’s finished (which has to be in a week, stupid deadlines ;))

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  3. Good news this is.

    Currently nearly 1 million photos have a machine tag with the event ID. Is it possible to run a script using the API to add the MusicBrainz artistIDs as a machine tag to those photos? I think has resolved their artists to MusicBrainz.

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