Wanted: Wiki, Documentation, Trac and UserVoice guardians

In working on figuring out how to integrate UserVoice into our workflow its become painfully clear that we need to have some people take “ownership” over a few portions of MusicBrainz. Back in the day when Cristoph König (Don Redman) was our Wiki warden, our wiki was well groomed and worked smoothly. Alas Cristoph has been swallowed whole by a University in Germany and we may never see him again. 😦

Its time to find volunteers who are interested in taking on personal ownership of these aspects of MusicBrainz. I’m looking for 2-4 volunteers, one for each of the following areas described below. However, please note that these people are not expected to carry out the bulk of the work that needs to be done to get these projects into an improved state. I envision each of these people being motivators and leaders who can focus and encourage the efforts of other volunteers to help them achieve their goals — there is a big difference between a leader and a workhorse.

  1. Wiki: This person should be well versed in Wikis and understand their general nature. A “Wiki Warden” should be willing to help with the upcoming wiki migration to MediaWiki and have a vision for how our wiki should be organized and cleaned up. This person should be willing to do more work initiallycleaning up the wiki and then spend a few hours every week watching over activity in the wiki and gently steer the wiki into a direction of sense and overall usefulness.
  2. Documentation: This person should be working with the Wiki Warden (it could even be the same person) to coordinate the creation/maintanance of Wiki pages for use with our WikiDocs documentation system. This person should be have an overall vision for how to organize our documentation and to move from our current state to a more organized and useful documentation system for MusicBrainz.
  3. Trac: This person should be familiar with trac and work to remove the cruft that has accumulated in the bug tracker. We need someone to close old bugs that no longer apply, highlight bugs that are important and generally reduce the duplication present in the system. It would be best if this person could also take part of the weekly developer chats in order to stay in tune with the development process.
  4. UserVoice: While a lot of people have volunteered to take part in working with UserVoice, we need one person to take the lead and be in charge of the process. I would love it if this person could help us to settle on one of the proposed UserVoice workflows.

I’d like to stress once again that I am not looking for people to do a lot of work — I’m looking for leaders who can do a little work, but motivate others a lot of help out and create a thriving sub-communities that allow MusicBrainz to become more concise and cohesive. If you’re interested in one or more of these positions, please post to the comments.

2 thoughts on “Wanted: Wiki, Documentation, Trac and UserVoice guardians”

  1. Hi, I was just looking at the UserVoice website, and noticed when you look at the open source pricing , the non-free Gold Plan states ‘Ad-Free’ implying that the other versions aren’t Ad-free, is that okay coz thought MB was meant to be ad free ?

  2. I’d like to help out with UV if you still need someone to manage the incoming requests (managing dupes, creating Trac tickets when necessary, etc). I’m already subscribed to the UV updates feed so I would already be checking UV for updates. I am comfortable using bugs.musicbrainz.org so that isn’t an issue either.


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