New Picard builds for Mac available

Timothy Lee says:

After a month of trying universal builds through macports unsuccessfully, using a tool named ‘unify’ (h/t John) to lipo i386 and ppc arch bins together unsuccessfully, and bugging just about everyone I know to use their i386 tiger machine (I have an i386 leopard and a ppc tiger) unsuccessfully I’ve made the decision to halt my progress on trying to deliver a UB.

What I do have though is two builds. I have one PPC build that was built on a tiger machine and one i386 build that was built on a leopard machine. I have not had a chance to test my i386 leopard build on a tiger machine (read above failure to ‘borrow’ a tiger machine) but there is a chance it may work. If you feel like you have a better handle on the ‘lipo’ process, please, take my builds and smash them together and let me know! (It may be desirable NOT to deliver a UB as
each separate build of Picard is fairly large).

Timothy is looking for feedback on these builds. If you’ve been waiting for a complete version of Picard that includes working PUID generation, then please try these builds:

Picard for OS X Intel i386 (md5)
Picard for OS X PPC (md5)

If you have problems running these please enter a bug report and use the component “Picard Tagger (Mac OS X Packaging)“. Thanks very much Tim and everyone else who has helped along this somewhat frustrating process.

9 thoughts on “New Picard builds for Mac available”

  1. it pleases me very much to say that the ppc version works beautifully and generates puid and matches previously untagged mp3 to album at musicbrainz just FINE

    good job! tell the guy that!

  2. Finally! Thanks! I’ve been following this on the dev mailing list and am glad to see they are finally available for public consumption 🙂

  3. I’ve been using it for the month since it came out and I haven’t experienced any problems or bugs with it. Thanks for the good work!

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