MetaBrainz Foundation Annual Report for 2007

(Yes, this report is a year late — I had spent a lot of time on the annual report for 2006 and got so little feedback on it that I assumed no one cared. But now in 2008 I’ve been getting many more requests, so I’ve gone back and with the help of Pavan compiled the stats for 2007.)

Profit & Loss

In 2007 the foundation took in $89,645.59 and spent $64,543.84 for a total profit of $25,101.75. (non-profits can still earn a profit, but that profit must be reinvested into the company, not paid out to its officers and directors.) A detailed break down of where the income came from and where it went to is shown below:


Direct donations $30,205.00
PayPal donations $14,575.59
Consulting (GSoC Mentor income) $1,500
Live Data Feed licenses $30,340.47
CC Data Licenses $1,900.00
Interest $357.45
Amazon Associates $714.39
Tagger Affiliates $10,052,69
Total income:   89,645.59


Bank fees $64.65
PayPal fees $1,570.92
Rent $2,779.00
Hardware $732.06
Travel $2,933.49
Internet $89.01
Marketing $765.00
Development $39,500
Supplies $56.88
Events $400.92
Hosting $12,240.00
Filing Fees $25.00
Software $-41.45
Entertainment $27.32
Insurance $1,996.00
Accounting $1,200.00
Total expense:   $64,543.84

This Profit & Loss shows:

  • It cost $12,972.06 to host MusicBrainz in 2007 — this includes hardware and hosting costs.
  • PayPal donations, which represent end-user support for MusicBrainz, came to $14,575.59, 16.3% of our total income. The Foundation aims to have end-user donations pay for the actual cost of running the service and the end-users did in fact pay for slightly more than what it cost to host MusicBrainz in 2007!
  • As it is with a lot of companies, salaries accounted for the largest slice of expenses. The Foundation paid $39,500 in salaries to Robert Kaye in 2007, which was still far below a reasonable salary level for an Engineer/Executive Director in California.
  • $32,240.47 was earned licensing the MusicBrainz data for commercial use, which represents 40% of the total income.

In 2007 the foundation spent $12,972.06 on hosting and hardware costs and served out 725 million web hits and 386 million web service hits. Calculating a cost per hit, we find that we spent $17.89 per one million web hits and $33.58 per one million web service hits. These values are up slightly from the 2006 values of $17.56 and $30.58 respectively.

Balance Sheet

The balance sheet for the end of 2007 showed the MetaBrainz Foundation with $14,323.45 retained earnings, a net income of $25,101.75 and total cash assets of $39,525.20.


The following chart shows our traffic growth for 2007 and 2008:

Musicbrainz Traffic 2007-2008
The blue line represents the overall number of hits to The red line shows how many of the overall hits were web service (API) hits; as you can see towards the end of 2007 half of our overall hits were web service hits.

Top data contributors

Top editors:

drsaunde 125665
ojnkpjg 106211
brianfreud 102090
mudcrow 44423
murdos 32111
teleguise 26541
dmppanda 23264
cooperaa 16705
Schika 16420
zout 16160
voiceinsideyou 15268
artysmokes 13380
Kerensky97 12174
foolip 11403
lukz 11031
bench12345 10014
AnAlach 9323
gioele 8742
headlocker 8450
Pianissimo84 8364
SenRepus 8183
leivhe 7815
Liff 7748
lytron 7740
zos18 7533

Top voters:

drsaunde 47850
ojnkpjg 41365
brianfreud 27382
voiceinsideyou 19874
cooperaa 19348
headlocker 16183
lukz 13792
mudcrow 12861
gioele 11259
cadalach 10677
bogdanb 10496
CatCat 9214
symphonick 8767
teleguise 8571
Dr. Default 8313
BrianG 7936
crazee_canuck 7842
keschte 7838
cybercox 7802
Xaiver 7699
Pianissimo84 7175
murdos 7165
artysmokes 6495
helver 6349
debris77 6276

A big thank you to all of the editors/voters who contributed!

4 thoughts on “MetaBrainz Foundation Annual Report for 2007”

  1. Any word on when we’ll see numbers for 2008? I’m interested to see how the additional commercial licenses helped MB out 🙂

    Also, “In 2007 the foundation spent In 2006, $12,972.06 on hosting and …”?

  2. cooperaa:

    Thanks for the tip on the typo. Fixed.

    The 2008 report is coming tomorrow. One report per day is enough non geek work. 🙂

  3. Hey, a quick question … has the address for the foundation changed? I sent over a matching-gifts form to the address on the PDF I get for donations [same as here on the site], and it came back Not at This Address. My employer will match my 2008 contributions, and I want MB to get that money! 🙂

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