The Dashboard is back!

After the last release our new spiffy lastupdate feature that was supposed to keep track of when data in the database changed brought our database server to its knees. 😦

The problem was that if we had an artist, we would also go update all of its releases. And if you updated a release, the artist and label had to be updated. We turned off all of the cascading updates and our server went back to normal.

Thus, for the time being updates will not cascade. If you update an artist, none of the releases or associated labels will update. In the future we will see if we can improve on this.

The good news in this is that the Dashboard feature is still useful, so I’ve turned it back on and made it live on the main server.

P.S. We just passed our 10 millionth edit!!

7 thoughts on “The Dashboard is back!”

  1. It’s really quite unfortunate that at the very least track changes are not propagated to the release they are directly part of. 😦

    IMO this is the most important propagation that would be required to make the functionality useful at a base level 😦

  2. Voice:

    Agreed. However, we identified that exact query as the source of the slow-down. All the other ones seemed fine.

    Clearly this is not a closed chapter, but a “here is something, its better than nothing, we’ll fix it for real soon” kinda of situation.

  3. Hmm, that’s really interesting that it was the tracks -> release that was the issue. I can see how release -> artist would be an issue (for VA releases?), and ARs, and most definitely artist -> allReleases (imagine updating Mozart’s entry!). Anyway, I’ll be interested to see how things pan out, as it’d obviously be some pretty powerful tech to be able to expose and query by from the web service. 🙂

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