New customer: Cloudspeakers in Utrecht

I’m pleased to announce that I signed a new customer in the Netherlands yesterday! I met the Cloudspeakers team in Utrecht and spent a day discussing their business and how Cloudspeakers can work with MusicBrainz in the future.

After many conversations during the day, we ceremoniously signed the data license contract over an elegant and extremely tasty Indonesian meal. A day well spent!

A big thanks to Chris, Stan, Adriaan, Charlie and Francis! Thanks for inviting me, paying for meals and even my flight to the Netherlands. I look forward to working with you!

7 thoughts on “New customer: Cloudspeakers in Utrecht”

  1. The new rating function is really out of place on Musicbrainz. This is not a music charts website.

  2. Fluffy, you can hide ratings in your settings.
    I use them sometimes, I think it can be useful to some people.
    I use them on my for sale albums, to *see* how many tracks I really like or dislike.
    But this is not the point of this blog post by the way.

  3. I’m confused about the rules for external sites and applications working with MusicBrainz. Are they paying customers? If so, how did you get them to pay for free data? Do the same rules apply to everybody else? Are there different rules for (websites that access MusicBrainz) and (applications that access MusicBrainz)?

  4. Sharaya:

    Yes, they are paying customers. Check out our list of paying customers here:

    We are not technically selling “free data” — we’re selling timely and convenient access to the data via out Live Data Feed. This feed is Creative Commons, Non-Commercial, Share-alike licensed, which gives private users free reign to tinker, but commercial users must fork over money to access the feed.

    Non-free applications that access MB must pay us 10% of their registration fees:

    The web service currently does not have a terms of service, but I will very soon create one and ensure that commercial entities will pay their fair share.

    I hope this answers your questions!

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